Saturday, June 20

matt + katie: MARRIED!!

Saturday, June 20

after spending an afternoon with matt and katie at navy pier, i KNEW that their wedding was going to be filled with opportunities for sweet and affectionate moments...and a few goofy ones! ; ) they certainly did not disappoint!

the day started out with the guys getting ready at the hampton inn...(google maps presented me with some delays, but my father-in-law's GPS saved the day!)

don't be mistaken, matt is a man who is SERIOUS about his ties!

i think he looks very distinguished in this shot!

oh, and this was a first for me...watching a groom shine his own shoes! see, matt doesn't mess around when it comes to STYLE!

after some time with the boys, i went to go spend some time with the girls. katie's dress was simply gorgeous!

this is one of my favorites of her getting ready.

katie's all it's glory!

katie, you HAVE to know how gorgeous you are, right? because you ARE!!!!!

just before getting married.

i was told that the organ didn't actually work, but it was still INCREDIBLE!!

i was in heaven with all the repeating lines and shapes!!!!!!!

sometimes it's nice to have family taking photos, too, because every once and a while i get lucky and get some of their flash in my shot!!! :) this is my favorite shot of her walking down the aisle!!!

i don't do it often, but i HAD to bust out the fisheye for a few overhead shots.

these two were so CUTE!!!!!! i love that she's on her heels, and he's on his tip toes. A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!!

imagine walking down these halls DAILY!! (i admit, i was in disbelief of how gorgeous everything was...just ask katie!)


a big thank you to everyone that kept blowing bubbles even after katie and matt had passed them, because i love how they fill up the whole frame!!!

if i was her mom, i would TOTALLY get this in a canvas print and hang it on the wall!! ; )

i don't know how it happens, but i have always lucked out getting clients with INFECTIOUS laughs! katie is definitley no acception! :D

matt and katie always pick places with out-of-this-world trees!!! (remember the trees from their engagement session?) although, it'd be a lot more romantic if someone didn't carve "4:20" into the tree. ; )

i just loved the shape of this one.

ok, ok, ok, i admit it! i like glass shots. probably because i love repeating lines and shapes.

these. were. delicious!!!

ok, i just LOVE this one!!!!

matt loves fresh fruit, so of course there HAD to be a fruit buffet...YUMMMMMMY!!!

more amazing architecture!!!

sometimes i just like to get artsy! : )

it should be known that katie and matt didn't just throw this wedding for themselves, they gave a lot of thought and consideration to the wants and desires of their guests. so, since they knew there would be kids in attendance, they had a little pinata set up! they also had a table full of fun arts and crafts to keep the kids entertained! AND, although they didn't know that i'm a vegetarian, lucky for me, they had some guests with special vegan needs. so my dinner was a DELICIOUS vegan meal! anyway, back to the PINATA!!

the kids CHARGED when it fell! (which is why they're out of focus)

the headless pinata remains...

matt's parents dancing to the song they first danced to at their wedding!

oh, so loving!!

click here to check out more photos.

thank you so much matt and katie for letting me be a part of your beautiful, gorgeous, line-o-rama wedding!!!

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