Tuesday, May 26

proud mommy moment

Tuesday, May 26

when lucy was 2 years old, she began telling me this fabulous tale of a frog named carriage frog, and his friend mama. when she started i quickly grabbed a pen and paper and began vigorously scribbling every word she uttered. and when she stopped, i would ask "what happened next?".

when she had finally completed her story to me, i read it back to her and realized what a great story it was. it had character development, action, adventure, a villain, and even a moral at the end!

later in the day, i gave her some crayons and paper, so she could draw. to my amazement, the pictures matched the story, and in the blink of an eye, i realized that lucy had just written and illustrated her very first book!

i was so proud and excited, that i scanned her drawings, and turned the whole thing into a pdf which i uploaded to lulu.com so that we could have a actual book that i could read to her over and over again, and sometimes she could read to me!

here's the cover of her book:

well, long story short, i just got an email from lulu.com saying that the book she wrote 3 years ago is now FOR SALE ON AMAZON.COM MARKETPLACE!!!

how many 5 year olds do you know who've got a book for sale on amazon?

i'm so proud...i'm BEAMING!! :D

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Cyndy said...

You have every right to be a beaming, proud Mom! Is Lucy going to have a sequel to Carriage Frog with maybe a sibling added? Or, maybe her own cooking show! I see that the Food Network is looking for their next star! Summer's coming so anything is possible.

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