Monday, March 23

painting with light

Monday, March 23

today is the first day of spring break for lucy! so, for fun, i thought i'd do something i haven't done since high school!

paint with light!

now, since it's about 10:00AM, the only completely dark place in my house is either the bathroom, or the basement. (i opted for the bathroom)

when the kids saw what i was doing, they wanted a part in it...however, with 10-15 second exposures, it's hard to keep them from moving! also, this is a great example of why painting with light works much better when you're outside at night, and there are no surfaces for light to reflect off of behind you. oh well, it's still fun times!

here are some of the better ones we shot. (i definitely think i'll be doing this again in the future...outside...late at night...the RIGHT way!) :)

this was before the kids came in. i was trying to write "i ♥ u" with a couple ♥'s above it. it looks more like a butterfly, though.

i think i need to practice writing backwards in the air! :)

fun times!!

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Cyndy & Kailey said...

This is Kailey and I wanted to know how you paint with light. It seems pretty cool! It looks like magic. Did you use melted light or did you just get light bulbs and screw them in? I thought I might not remember to ask you the next time I see you. Tell Lucy and Elliot I love them and you and Uncle Adam, too. Love, Kailey (PS - typed by G'ma)

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