Thursday, March 26

a little serious

Thursday, March 26

*warning: i'm going to start this post with some serious news, but i'll follow it up with something a little more fun...i promise*

i'm not usually a debbie downer on my blog, but this has been quite a difficult week for me and my family. on tuesday, my dad had a routine medical procedure, and it was discovered that he has a malignant, cancerous tumor. it came as quite a shock to me, because i didn't even know he was going in for the procedure. i was just calling my mom to tell her about a recent online purchase of mine, when she broke down and told me. so far my dad has a very positive attitude, and is more interested in how he can give back and raise awareness after he's beaten it. not many of my clients/blog readers know that this isn't my first encounter with someone close to me being diagnosed with cancer. a few years ago, adam was diagnosed with, and went through some surgeries for a cancerous tumor on his foot. and although adam and i jokingly consider it "fake cancer", since he didnt' have to go through any chemo or radiation therapy, i feel a little more prepared than i think i would have been.

so, that being said, i've had some ups and downs the past few days. (today was probably one of the hardest for me.) lucky for me, i received a distraction in the form of 2 deliveries that i have been waiting for.

the first delivery was my new sample album.

the second was my long awaited shootsac! i have wanted to get myself a shootsac for quite some time now, but since adam and the kids bought me a new camera bag for mother's day a while ago, i have been waiting the appropriate amount of time before replacing it. don't get me wrong, i still love and use the bag from them, but it's quite big and bulky! so, when i received a notice in my inbox that shootsac was offering a free lively cover with the purchase of a shootsac...the EXACT cover that i have been coveting, i placed the order right away!

well, as promised, here is something fun: some photos of my new shootsac.

(thank you, again, UPS for diversion.)

P.S. i love you daddy, and i'm so proud of your strength!!

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Sherah said...

Marcia, I'm so sorry :( But your dad sounds like an amazing guy, with exactly the right outlook. If anyone can beat this, he can! I'll be praying for him, and your family.

(love the shootsac, btw! the cover is so you!)

jodi said...

so sorry to hear about your dad, marcia. good to know he has a positive attitude. your shootsac rocks. you will love it! congrats.

Keats Elliott said...

I'm so glad that our LIVELY cover and Shootsac box made you smile on such a hard day. I never know what to say at times like this... so I'll stick with the simple truth...I'm sending my very best thoughts your way!

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