Friday, March 13

cleanin' my sensor!

Friday, March 13

i'm up late tonight...and i'm not really sure why. the kids and i got home from tumminaro-ville at around 10:00pm, and i guess we just stayed awake! lucy is sleeping now, but elliot and i are partying hearty! (ok, not really. mostly, we're just cuddling together on the couch watching noggin.)

i decided that since i was awake, i may as well do something productive. so i decided to clean my 5d's sensor. then, of course, i had to test it out. the only subject around...elliot!

for kicks, i took these with in-camera BW

i think i like this one best!

once he laid down with this look on his face, i knew it was time to go to bed!

good night/early morning everyone!

P.S. mom + dad: have a safe drive to missouri, and give everyone our love and best wishes! i love you guys!

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