Saturday, March 14

back to light

Saturday, March 14

it was so bright today, that i thought i'd take advantage of it, and play with a little back lighting.

i can't really complain that i have nothing to photograph during the off season, because i live with these two!

i can't even tell you how much i love photographing this boy!

this one just makes my heart melt every time!!!

i really like this shot of lucy, because she has the most doughy brown eyes...and i LOVE how her curl falls on her face like that!

i told lucy to face the sun, because i wanted to play around with the shadows. she kept complaining that it was too bright, so i just told her to scream. i'm not sure if i like the over exposed frame and its simplicity, or the more properly exposed frame with its color and shadows.

i just love this one! (and no, she wasn't pouting. i told her to stop smiling, because i wanted it to look more serious)

i just love photographing lucy and elliot!

happy weekend everyone!!

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