Thursday, February 12

new blog menu!!!

Thursday, February 12

all i can say is....


i have been working SO HARD for the past few weeks to incorporate a better menu bar into my blog design. and after hours of frustration trying to work under blogger's limited compatibility with line items and javascript, i finally figured it out (thanks to a push in the right direction from adam!)!! the new menu should allow for easier navigation around the blog, with some link-backs to my main site.

and while i am very satisfied with the way it turned out, i'm sure i'll be thinking of some other code re-write, or dynamic element to add to the blog in the near future. (i never stay 100% satisfied with my sites for long. i constantly find myself looking for a better way to evolve functionality and/or design)

but, for now, i love i think i deserve a little break!!

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Sherah said...

Very user-friendly... I like that you can access your galleries right at the top of the page! I envy your html skillz ;)

marcia tumminaro said...

i'm glad that you like it. (and i hope you don't mind that you and marty are in the gallery.) :)

even though the menu looks pretty simple, it was a project that was a LONG time in the making! and i wouldn't have been able to do it without adam. i guess he's a pretty good guy to have around! ;)

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