Friday, February 13

happy friday the 13th...NOT!

Friday, February 13

this is going to be a quick post, because lucy has been kinda sick. she's been throwing up most of the day. so, i've been busy trying to help her, wash all the blankets and such that have been..."contaminated", and keep elliot happy and entertained.

plus, i'm in a little bit of freak out mode, for 2 reasons:
1) a note went home with lucy this week saying that her school has been exposed to fifths disease. adam assures me that this probably isn't fifths disease...but we wont know for sure until she does/doesn't break out in a rash all over.
2) elliot's birthday party at medieval times is sunday. i wouldn't mind staying home with lucy if she's too sick, but she's been really excited about going. and i would HATE to take that away from her!

i'm just going to count on the fact that she's always been a quick healer, and make sure she takes it easy and drinks plenty of water tonight and all day tomorrow. and [fingers crossed] hope that she's feeling better by sunday!

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