Friday, July 11

summer 2008 = rainbow season

Friday, July 11

well, i saw yet another beautiful and brilliant rainbow this summer. (i've gone over a decade without ever seeing one, and then out of nowhere, this summer i've seen dozens!)

this one showed up after a brief thunderstorm, and my husband was the one who saw it initially. it was about 8:30pm, and it was a perfect arch with an additional double arch trying to form around it. since the sun had already gone down, my husband and i are still confused as to how so much light was able to get through to create such a perfect rainbow in the first place. but however it got there, it did a perfect job!

from my deck

about a millisecond after this picture was taken, there was the most brilliant lightning in the sky...unfortunately i didn't catch that. booo!!

can you see the second arch?

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