Wednesday, December 14

ender photo project: 12 weeks (...and counting)

Wednesday, December 14

i've been doing a weekly photo project of ender, to see how he's growing from week to week. (if you follow me on facebook or google+ you may have seen them) here are just 2 of the series...

week 1

week 12 (this week)

it's been a whirlwind 12 weeks at the ol' tumminaro abode!  lucy turned 8!  thanksgiving tofurkys were delicious!  and we've begun getting ready for ender's first xmas, and our first as a family of FIVE!!!  (which means adam and i will be sharing a stocking until i can find another one that matches the 4 that i adore, or a new set of FIVE!!)

now that ender is 12 weeks old, i'm really starting to find my balance!  plus...having a new baby is much easier with 2 extra sets of small, yet capable, hands to help out!!!  and believe me, lucy absolutely ADORES her baby brother!  she even asked to change his diaper a couple weeks back!  i videotaped the whole thing, and it just about blew my mind!!  (speaking of which...we decided to do cloth diapers this time around, and i gotta say that i'm in LOVE with cloth diapering!!!!)  and lucy is not alone in her love for her new sibling, elliot is quite fond of him, too!  although, he's more eager for ender to be old enough to actually play with!

ahhh...i'm gonna go ahead and gush for a second, and say that i am one lucky mommy!!! :)

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