Wednesday, August 10

summer rae: 1 year old portrait photography

Wednesday, August 10

for summer's first birthday, her parents were looking for some portraits to use for some really adorable birthday party invitations!

meet summer rae!  she's 1 year old

i can't get over those CHEEKS!!!  :)

now onto the girly-girly outfit and props that summer's mom picked out special for the invitation.  at first, we tried to do it in a studio-style...but summer decided she'd rather do things somewhere else...

OUTSIDE!  which is always fine by me, because i love me some natural lighting!  one of the props we used was this personalized jewelry box

another prop was this delicious lollipop

just look at those eyelashes!!

i had an idea to have summer's daddy throw her up in the air so that it looked like she was a flying fairy. that didn't pan out like i hoped (scroll down for an outtake).  so instead, i just had her daddy hold her up, and i strategically took the shot so that he wasn't in the pic.

as's the outtake from the flying-fairy idea...

it was such a fun session, and i can't wait to photograph those chubby cheeks again soon!  :)

full disclosure: this post is back-dated, due to the fact that late-pregnancy, labor, and having a newborn have made for a couple very busy months!

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