Saturday, July 2

samuel and danielle: backyard wedding reception photography

Saturday, July 2

a couple months ago i received an email asking if i was available to photograph a 3-hour reception from the mother-of-the-bride.  the bride and groom were already married, (they had a surprise wedding for close family in january), and were planning an intimate backyard reception for their extended family/friends.  now, at first, i was a little hesitant, since i knew i would be almost 7 months pregnant, but after giving it some thought, i decided to go ahead and tell her that YES, i would be available!  the bride contacted me, and we quickly found out that we were from the same town, went to the same high school, and the kicker...i was friend's with her older sister waaaaaaay back in middle school!  needless to say i was very excited when their reception came around, so much so that 3-hours on my feet felt like nothing!  i'm pretty sure my adrenaline was in overdrive, because i had a huge burst in energy that lasted until the minute i got in my car to drive home.  (and after getting home, i promptly crashed for the night).  but it was definitely worth it because everything was simply splendid and spectacular!

when i got there, danielle was dressed, and just doing some final accessorizing touches

the reception was gorgeous, yet casual.

we took a few minutes to take some shots of the two of them.  (and yes, that's still their backyard!!!)

i think it should be a law that if you have a pond in your should also have parties and receptions on a regular basis!  such a perfect setting!

their choice of attire was absolutely, without a doubt...P-E-R-F-E-C-T!!!  (and her dress had pockets!!!)

their idea of having some fun backyard games to entertain the guests and kids was genius!

that is samuel's brother...twin brother!  and from what i could tell, this picture really captures their brotherly dynamic.  :)

the tent set-up was very elegant

and the paper lanterns added additional style and brightness!

just as my time was coming to an end, it was time for dinner to be served.  and anyone who's been to a wedding knows about the tradition of the clinking of the glasses at dinner.  well, when the guests starting clinking their glasses, samuel's BROTHER was the one who got the kiss!

while danielle, and the rest of the guests cracked up!

click here for the "Best Of" slideshow

all in all, i am so glad that i was able to be a part of their reception!  as a photographer: it was the perfect setting, perfect subjects, and perfect styling, and on a personal level, it was great to be back in my old neighborhood, and catch up with old friends!

congratulations samuel and danielle, and thank you for a wonderful 3 hours!!!  :)

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