Sunday, January 23

broken silence

Sunday, January 23

since i've missed a bit...

HAPPY {belated} NEW YEARS!!

life has been keeping me REALLY busy these past few months, so i apologize for taking such a long leave of blog absence.  but, with a little patience, i will have some pretty big things to share and announce very soon!  ALL GOOD THINGS!!!  :)

in the meantime, i just want to give a heads up that i have just started the process of switching web hosts, so and the photos on this blog be down over the next coming days.  that also means that i might not be able to receive any incoming emails to!  if you need to contact me, please email me at, or just give me a call/text: 630-400-7127.

thank you, and since a blog post isn't a blog post without a picture:

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