Wednesday, February 17

happy birthday elliot!!!!

Wednesday, February 17

4 years ago today, i was on my way to my in-law's house, because i had a feeling it would be THE day. i spent loads of time with lucy on her final day of being an only child. and while adam was finishing up his work day, i was timing my contractions. we waited a while before going to the hospital, and after 4 1/2 hours of labor and 4 1/2 minutes of pushing we met elliot! all 9 lbs of him! and i've been in love with having my little girl, and my rambunctious boy ever since!!

last night, adam filled the family room with balloons, and this morning, elliot had a blast playing with them!

here are 4 pics of 4-year-old on his 4th birthday!!!

p.s. elliot is a fan of being as naked as possible, it's true, but for the record, he IS wearing boxers in these photos. ;)


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