Tuesday, November 3

dave + melanie's autumn wedding at the river east art center!

Tuesday, November 3

i've officially decided that fall is my FAVORITE season!! not only are the changing leaves vibrant and colorful, but i've noticed that october brings with it some of the most beautiful blue skies of the year! plus...it's HOODIE WEATHER!!!! :)

now, onto dave and melanie's intimate wedding at the river east art center...

black frame glasses!!!  (my favorite!)  and, they had small pearls on the side that seemed like they were designed specifically to match her wedding day jewelry!  :)

i love the mix of warm wood tones with cool aquatic tones!

ahhhhhhh!  :)  they picked THE PERFECT WEEKEND in october to get married!  the autumn colors were gorgeous and vibrant!!

again with the warm and cool tones mingling in perfect harmony!

definitely one of my favorites!  the light was just perfection!

these were some of THE most beautiful floral arrangements that i've ever seen!

another favorite!!

melanie's nieces and nephews were a riot!  (if you look closely, you can see he's wearing nail polish.  he has a 5-year old sister...need i say more?)

(that's his older sister in the green!  those 2 reminded me of lucy and elliot!!!)

the ceremony was in a gallery exhibiting photos taken by chicago photographers!


after the ceremony, they moved to the reception, which was in a gallery exhibiting black and white paintings....get it?  black and white...groom and bride!  (rather appropriate gallery choices, if you ask me!)

she was just simply stunning!!

i love watching and listening to the toasts to the bride and groom!

especially when they involve comical props!!!

the bride/groom sweetheart table!

click here to view more photos from dave and melanie's wedding.

everything about dave and melanie's wedding was perfect!  they arrived arm in arm to the river east art center, where we immediately started a relaxed bride/groom portrait session.  and when we got into the session flow, i realized how incredibly relaxed they are with each other!  it was a joy to photograph them!!

thank you so much dave and melanie!!

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