Monday, July 13

we've been bobbi+mike'd!!!

Monday, July 13

some photos from my family's session with the AMAZING, FANTASTIC, FABULOUS bobbi+mike!!!!

THANK you adam for wearing a polo, (his DAD'S polo to be exact). i know it was very difficult for him to put it on, but luckily it caused only minor emotional damage. ;)
(for the record, adam is NOT a polo guy, or a tie guy, or a dressy guy by ANY means! but he sucked it up, and wore a bright orange polo...just for me. now THAT'S love!!!)

DEFINITELY one of my favorites!!!! (this is in adam's grandparent's BACKYARD!!)


i ADORE the kid's facial expressions in this one!!!!

adam's uncle's car which was located in the driveway of adam's brother's house. another one of my FAVS!

elliot has been a plumber-in-training for some time now. (we have zillions of butt-crack photos of elliot from just about every family party or function!!!)

adam felt MUCH more comfortable once he got out of his "dressy" clothes. :)
i'll give you a cookie if you can identify the symbol on his shirt!!

this was taken in the back alley near lynfred winery, which i've passed a million times, but i have NEVER seen the stacks of barrels before. it was a GREAT location find!!!!

as bobbi would say: AYKM?!?!? :D

just in case it's not obvious...elliot was a MESS after he finished his ice cream!!


click here to view their full blog post!!

i now know what my clients go through after a session. the waiting, the excitement, the obsessively hitting refresh on their blog hoping that one of these times, i'll get to see our names plastered across the top of the screen...i mean, er, what? i never did that last part. ;)

i am so glad that bobbi and mike took the drive to come and photograph us on "tumminaro lane"!! it really was a very personal location for us, since it's where we spend most of our time. i think it helped make us all more comfortable to be on our own turf! :)

bobbi+mike ROCKED our socks off!!! and the fact that they were able to rock it basically just going from tumminaro-backyard to tumminaro-backyard is PROOF of their awesomeness! (and also proof that tumminaros have AWESOME backyards!!!)

we love you bobbi+mike!!!! and we will DEFINITELY be seeing you again in the future!!!!

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Lynfred Winery & Bed and Breakfast said...

WOW! While searching for blogs on the winery I found this! FABULOUS!

- Your friends at Lynfred Winery

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