Friday, July 17

trying out some new image branding

Friday, July 17

when it comes to things like the look of my website or blog, i DEFINITELY have A.D.D.! i'm always looking to improve or change or evolve it in some way. and the way i brand my images for the blog is no different. i've been playing around with some new looks, and i've even created photoshop actions to make the process go quickly!
here is my newest image branding prototype...

the thing i like most about this prototype is that i can move it anywhere. that way, i can place it in a spot that doesn't cover up any important parts of the image!

i think it fits into this image quite nicely!

(by the way, that's lucy posing it up with a shootsac cover. for the record, she's never been a thumb-sucker, this was purely for the photo. she's such a great little model!!)

like i said, this is just my newest prototype, you may see some variations on it, or i may decide that i like it just fine! but, feel free to let me know what you think!

have a great weekend!!!

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