Thursday, June 11

josh + jaime: the official wedding post

Thursday, June 11

enough waiting, let's get down to business.

we'll start with a few of their AWESOME details...

these were the place well as additional decorations for the guests

the ceremony and reception was held at the meson sabika, and the colors and feel were oddly familiar!  they reminded me of the basement of the coffee shop were we shot their engagement session.

the dress was BEAUTIFUL!!

as were the shoes!

i felt very geometric and symmetrical all day!

i wasn't even looking through the viewfinder for these next ones.  i lifted the camera over my head, (a technique i often use, since i'm only 5'3"), and these shots aren't cropped or rotated at all.  i love everything about them!!!

i LOVE these, and i'll tell you why.  this was jaime's first look at herself all brided up!  i LOVE her reaction, and the reactions around her!  when i was editing them, i got a little misty-eyed myself.


jaime's mom...trying not to cry.

the FIRST look!  i told you i felt very symmetrical all day!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this one!

one of the reasons why i love josh and jaime is because they're not that into posed traditional photos.  even when we were doing a few traditional shots, there was much laughing had by all, turning each shot into a mini-moment!

FAVORITE GROUP SHOT!!!!!  check out that rainbow perfectly arched over josh and jaime!


i loved josh's suit!  it was simple, and unique.

on the steps of meson sabika

THIS is another reason why josh and jaime are an AWESOME couple to shoot!!  i mean, the LOVE, the EXCITEMENT, the COLOR!

a little dancing before the reception?  yes please!

i love this moment during one of the toasts...

ok, ok, ok!  i can't show photos of josh and jaime's wedding without some of THE BOX!!!  this custom box, designed to represent josh, jaime, and their relationship filled to the BRIM with small tokens, photos, gifts, you name it, from their friends and family!  it was one of the most amazing presents i've ever seen in my life!!!!

here is the box...unveiled.  josh held it up like simba from the lion king, for all to see!

 a little peak inside the box...

their laughs are infectious!  my cheeks are still sore from going through all these photos, because i was smiling the WHOLE time i was editing!!

this photo makes me laugh!

why have a big sword, if you're not going to use it to cut the cake?!?  :D

these cupcakes were simple scrum-diddily-umptious!!!

what's a party without a little cutie on a table?

no, this was NOT YMCA!  oh, and i forgot, this was yet another TOAST AND JAM wedding!!!  this the the 4th wedding i've photographed with a toast and jam dj, and as ALWAYS they ROCKED IT!  leslie stiles was there, and she's an awesome dj, and an all around cool person!

after you dance on a table, you should probably put on your jammies!  

this was literally the last photo i took, and i just LOVE jaime's body language and expression!

to see more of there photos and AMAZING details, check out the slideshow:

thank you josh and jaime for being a PERFECT couple to photograph!!!!!!!!!!

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Jaime said...

Gorgeous, exquisite, wonderful - so full of detail and capturing us and everyone around us so well! These are just stunning, Marcia! Do you know, that I was so excited to see these, that I've been checking your blog literally at least twice a day everyday since the wedding (even though you told me they'd take almost 2 weeks - there I was checking, the next day!) :) And to be sure, you did not disappoint! Thank you so much, SO much - I am a little too overcome to properly thank you right this second. I may try again tomorrow, once my heart stops a-fluttering. :)

Suko said...

So great to meet you after admiring the engagement photos you took of them (I'm the one who particularly loved the shot of them through the green door). I knew the wedding photos would also be spectacular and they absolutely are! You really did capture the love and joy of the day. I've already viewed the whole slideshow twice and might check it out a third time. Hurrah!! Suko (aka the girl in the green dress photographing the cupcakes)

Steve said...

Great pics Marcia! It was fun reliving the day...truly stunning photography, I'm beyond impressed.

Anonymous said...

These are truly some of the most gorgeous wedding photos I have ever seen! And here's to the beautiful bride and groom! Here here!!!!

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