Monday, May 18

typical sunday afternoon

Monday, May 18

we spend most of our weekends with family in roselle. and yesterday was no exception. i brought my rarely used 40D, and snagged a some pics...


going through these photos it dawned on lucy and elliot are growing up SO FAST!!

case in point: lucy looks like such a BIG KID! pretty soon she'll need to fight the boys off with a stick!

we took a break from bubbles for lucy to play some "highlights" games. she had to find words that start with B, and then write the words down.

she also rode on her bike for the first time!

after watching lucy ride her bike, elliot wanted in on the action!

here's adam holding his niece, lilly.

does anyone recognize this cutie? she was the star in one of my favorite portrait sessions!!


this one cracks me up! adam's older brother helped lucy make this shot!

lucy with adam's younger brother...

elliot LOVES this truck!

fun times!!

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