Wednesday, April 15

the power of chuck!

Wednesday, April 15

some of you may have noticed that my mother has been posting comments much more frequently on my blog. while i 1/2 credit myself to finally convincing her to "get with the times", it really has more to do with our family project.

a week or so ago, we decided to start a blog to document my dad's trials and tribulations through his battle with cancer. since many of our family lives all around the country, my uncle thought of the idea to start a blog so that we can all feel connected and informed. so, my 2 brothers, my mom, my dad, and i will all be blog-authors to give each of our perspectives, as well as the ability to update for the times when my dad will be in the hospital, or perhaps just too tired to write a post. so far, my mom has been doing most of the updating. and don't worry, it's not all gloom and doom. you see, my family can shall i say...a bit theatrical. my dad used to do some community theater, and my mother has a flair for the dramatics! ; )

for all who are interested, you can check out the blog here. feel free to comment and leave your thoughts or best wishes. we're all very confident that my dad will beat this thing, and emerge its champion, but some kind words of encouragement couldn't hurt. : )

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