Thursday, April 2

joshua + jaime - engagement in belvidere!!

Thursday, April 2

on saturday, joshua and jaime braved the ice rain, and drove MANY, MANY miles to have a super fun engagement session in belvidere. when our session was scheduled, the march weather was getting warmer, and sunnier...but about 5 minutes before i left to meet them, the rain showed me that it had OTHER plans. as i sat in my car, singing "rain, rain, go away", in the hopes of salvaging a nice outdoor engagement session, it dawned on me that the rain was presenting me with an opportunity. so, when josh and jaime arrived, i suggested that we head over to belvidere's "coffee cafe". (yeah, the owner ACTUALLY named it that!)

i had been there before with adam and the kids, and it has a very cheers-esque bar look to it, with very friendly employees. we took some shots upstairs until the lady behind the counter suggested we check out the basement. i figured, we may as well take a look at it, and...OH. MY. GOODNESS!!! with all the little knick-knacky, quirky, and TRULY one of a kind decor, i decided then and there that we were just going to stay here for our entire session! it was full of fun stuff, plus, it kept us out of the FREEZING ice rain!

josh and jaime definitely make my top 10 list of couples who are incredible comfortable in front of the camera. most of the interactions are 100% THEM, with very little "set-up" by me. basically, i suggested which location, and if they should sit or stand, and they did the rest. be careful though, their love OOZES out of every photograph!

i think this image captures so much of jaime's personality!

jaime suggested we take a shot with this mirror. so after a brief collaboration, this is what we came up with...i LOVE it!

by far my favorite place in the whole basement. i LOVE LOVE LOVE this door!

if you can recognize the mural in the background, i'll give you a cookie!

another one of my favs of the day!

click here for more photos from their session

after spending only an hour with josh and jaime, i am fully confident that their wedding is going to ROCK!!!

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Jaime said...

Ohh - there are just no words. I am absolutely, completely thrilled and wowed. I just can't get over these pictures! You're amazing! You're wonderful! And we had such a good time - it's almost like, the pictures themselves are a treat, the icing on the cake. Because it really was such a fun shoot. Thank you SO MUCH for these - I adore them!!! -Jaime

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