Wednesday, January 7

photoshop actions

Wednesday, January 7

for the past day now i've been immersed in photoshop! creating, (then tweaking) NEW photoshop actions. last night i had my first breakthrough with a velvia-style action, although it's not quite THERE yet. i've also been working on a white balance correcting action, and a cross-process action.

here's what i've got so far...but again, these actions are still works in progress.

by the way, these pics were taken last night during a little tantrum. it may seem insensitive, but i think it's important (an more accurate) to capture the good AND the not-so-good of their childhood!
but, just for the record: MOST of the time lucy is sweet, adorable, smart, funny, and practically perfect in every way! : )

first is the velvia-style action:

here's the cross-process style action:

like i said, the actions are still missing that final...UMPH! but i feel good about the direction they're headed!

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Sherah said...

I like them a lot (esp. the retro feel of the cross-processed action). Good stuff!

marcia tumminaro said...

thanks! and those are just the first versions! i'm hoping to unveil their finished versions soon!

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