Monday, August 4

fun in the sun

Monday, August 4

my husband's family had their annual pig roast this saturday. most of his family lives on the same street or a few blocks away (and he has a HUGE family!), so every year they throw a party, roast a giant pig, and it usually resembles a block party, rather than your standard family picnic.

anywho, we arrived kind of late, and i spent most of the time playing in my in-law's backyard with my kids. i brought my new camera, but i was too busy with the kids to play photographer. i did manage to get a couple shots in. here's my son, being as sweet and cute as can be!

p.s. WOWEE! i love, love, love, LOVE my new camera!

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Danielle said...

What a smile on that one! I've got a daughter who smiles like that, too! (Maybe we should get them together) ;)

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