Monday, June 9

nikki and miguel: sneak peak

Monday, June 9

if rain on your wedding day means good luck, then nikki and miguel should be swimming in amazing luck for the rest of their lives!! and good luck they had, because although the forecast was rain and thunderstorms all day, it really only downpoured until after the ceremony. then it stopped raining, and soon the sun was out and shining!! and even when some rainwater splashed on nikki's dress, that great wedding day fortune smiled on them again, as it was easily wiped away, and clean as a whistle once more!!

i had such a great time with nikki, miguel, and their family and friends! (whom i'll be seeing again shortly, since i am also photographing nikki's sister's, wedding in a few months!) i will definitely be spending the next few days burning the midnight oil processing their photos, since i filled up 2 4GB cards. but, while i'm working, here are a few photos from the 1st memory card. (i'm still transferring over the second, almost full, memory card)


i loved miguel's hat!!

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