Saturday, April 26

it's here...FINALLY!!

Saturday, April 26

well, after waiting weeks, upon weeks, upon weeks, my new canon 40d has arrived! since i had been anticipating it's arrival, i had already bought additional batteries and a battery grip and had everything charged and ready to go, so that i could start using it immediately! here are some of the first pics strait out of the box:

my first model (my son) was sleeping, so i couldn't pass that up:

my daughter, as always, gets so excited when i bust out my camera, and immediately becomes the perfect subject. she's always great at hamming it up!:

i absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE her curly hair!

then i stepped outside for a bit. these are my aerogarden seedlings (they've been growing inside the past few weeks, so before i'm able to plant them in the garden, i have to go through an 11 day "hardening process" to get them adjusted to the outdoors.)

then on our way to grandma's house, we went through the woods, and i took this out the car door. (don't worry, my husband was driving, not me)

all in all, i'm super psyched about my new camera! it's great, and has a higher resolution and more features than my other one. although, i really need to play around with it to get a better feel for what it's capable of!

have a great weekend everyone.

(by the way, today is my husband and my wedding anniversary.)

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