Thursday, March 27

new lens, new recipe

Thursday, March 27

well, since i'm a vegetarian, i often times have to either find or create new recipes, because having pasta 2-3 times a week can get a little boring. so, in an attempt to utilize some soy-sausage and some other extra things, i came up with this really great recipe. i thought i'd share it with you:

marcia's snappy risotto:
boca soy-sausage (if you're not a vegetarian, i'm sure real sausage will taste just as good)
fresh basil
grape tomatoes
sweet peppers
brown rice
shredded cheese
kosher salt
chop soy-sausage, basil, tomatoes, and sweet peppers. saute everything in a large pan. cook rice as directed. salt and pepper to taste. mix everything together, making sure cheese has melted throughout. eat and enjoy!

since i just got a new lens, i took a couple photos at dinner time to show off the dish, but mainly to show off my kids:

it was really tasty! and since it's pretty cheap and easy to make, it'll probably become a dinner time regular!

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