Wednesday, March 19

could it be??

Wednesday, March 19

so, i really wanted to keep this blog pretty much photography-only related, but i came across a link that i just have to share...because i'm keeping my fingers crossed for it.

i would consider myself pretty "green". i'm not quite living on a commune making my own soap and fabric. but, my husband and i are vegetarians, we have an organic garden, we're trying to go solar, and we're very interested in biodiesel fuel for his diesel car. (in case you've never heard of biodiesel, it produces little to no emissions and it's created from used vegetable oil at a production cost of about $0.75 a gallon. and with the right knowledge and equipment, you can legally produce it yourself.)

well...he just sent me this link:

IT'S A DIESEL-HYRBID!!!!!!! quite possibly the most realistic solution to some of the problems we face! gas cars can get up to around 35 mpg, gas-hyrids can get up to 40-45 mpg.
diesel cars can get up to 50 mpg. so, image what a diesel-hybrid could get!

i'm drooling!!

it's probably still just in idea-phase right now, but i'm gonna start saving my money so that i can be first in line when it comes out! then i'll let my husband buy the necessary equipment to begin making biodiesel fuel to become MARCIA TUMMINARO, THE SUPER-GREEN PHOTOGRAPHER! ha ha!

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